MYPRODUCT16 Create Happenings, Gain Traffic, Make Business


The annual AMVAC’s Congress represents a key reference moment in the veterinary industry, an event that most companies operating on the Romanian market attend with expositional stands and professional presentations.


As a commercial manager in Veteco, one of my tasks was to present and represent the company in this key event, targeting image benefits and direct sales to customers.

In this context, one of the critical actions was to create traffic at Veteco’s stand in order to bring and keep customers in our area as long as possible.

This desiderate remained on my agenda throughout the entire company’s participation at the AMVAC’s congress.


For gaining traffic at our stand we imagined a number of activities with a strong social impact:

– we included in our stand a professional bar area where professional bartenders were serving customers with coffee, tea, beer, juice, cocktails

– we had Italian delicacies (parmesan, prosciutto) or wine, Aperol spritz tastings

-clients were able to make funny photos, photos that were professionally printed and delivered on the spot

One year the socialization component was complemented by a free party in a pub from Sinaia, party doubled by a concert performed by PUBLIKA’s band.


Veteco’s actions had an exceptional impact on customers. Every morning, customers started their day with a coffee served at our stand. We often heard how the customers inside our stand were calling their colleagues or even representatives from our competitors to come to Veteco’s stand. The party with PUBLIKA is still a subject of discussion in the industry.

5.Key Leanings

Shortly, we created happenings to gain traffic at the stand, to capitalize in terms of image and to facilitate our professional and informal discussions, as well as to sell our promotional offers developed for the congress.

Participating in fairs and exhibitions is a perfect opportunity to surprise your customers. Be aware that most of the contacts you have with your customers go into the routine of visits, phone calls. That’s why you should avoid the monotony of a standard participation and use congresses, fairs to present yourself differently. In a professional, unique and memorable way.

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