1.Situation During 2003-2005 I worked as Brand Communication Manager at DHL, my main responsibility being to define communication strategy, annual plans and budgets and to implement all corresponding communication projects….

MYPRODUCT47 From Small to Big

1.Situation In MYPRODUCT2 I detailed how at my first job in advertising industry I managed hundreds of costs and budgets for Cosmorom project, becoming the financial node of Graffiti/BBDO agency…

MYPRODUCT32 4Ps-7Ps-8Ps in Real Life

1.Situation Commercial manager, marketing manager, brand manager work intensively with various marketing tools, 4P (Product-Price-Placement-Promotion) being one of the most important, applicable and known matrices probably used in all companies….

MYPRODUCT26 Selling Snow in the Winter!

1.Situation Anti-parasitic products mark between April and June the strongest sales peak, who miss this period have great chances to miss their annual targets. That is why in March-June are…