MYPRODUCT22 Dynamic Road Show with 4 Events per Week


In 2013 as Commercial Director In Veteco together with our partner Merial we took the strategic decision to accelerate the commercial operations for the dog and cat vaccine’s ranges.


In line with this strategic goal, we included in the annual marketing plan a consistent section dedicated to the promotion of vaccines to veterinarians.

Organizing scientific presentations for vaccine ranges to veterinarians represented a major pillar of our actions to promote these products.

In the context in which all companies operating in the veterinary industry frequently organized such initiatives, the main challenges were to address attractive topics for vets and to achieve a relevant audience in these events.


If initially the scientific sessions, the launching of new products took place in Bucharest through a central, unique event with the participation of vets from all around the country, to ensure the success of this strategic initiative I decided that it is appropriate to change our approach and to organize events at regional / local level.

In this way we facilitated the participation of veterinarians in our events.

In addition, we ensured that the subjects addressed in the scientific presentations had high applicability and interest for veterinarians.

This translation from a central event to a series of local events was a major challenge from operational and logistical point of view.

I was fully involved in organizing and implementing this ‘road show’ event ” the final calendar of events having the following coordinates:

April 16 Craiova / April 17 Brasov / April 18 Constanta / April 19 Bucharest

May 14 Cluj Napoca / May 15 Satu Mare / May 16 Arad / May 17 Timisoara


Over 400 veterinarians participated in scientific presentations, the final cost of the events was nearly 25% lower than the initial budgeting from the annual marketing plan and annual sales exceeded the projected values.

Dedicated actions for Merial vaccine range successfully continued in the next years with sales of vaccines showing a strong positive trend.

5.Key Leanings

This power tour challenged at maximum my project management skills and even though the tactical road show meant a huge amount of work for me and my team, the final results showed the viability of our strategy to organize micro events at regional / local level at the expense of a national central event.

Do not hesitate to adjust your strategy and tactics to maximize the results of your work.

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